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Deadliest plastics: bags and packaging biggest marine life killers, study finds

PUBLICATION INFORMATION Graham Readfearn, The Guardian Wide-ranging review finds whales, dolphins, turtles and seabirds at …


‘Existential threat to our survival’: see the 19 Australian ecosystems already collapsing

PUBLICATION INFORMATION The Conversation Dana M Bergstrom: Principal Research Scientist, University of Wollongong Euan Ritchie: Professor …


Plastic rafting: the invasive species hitching a ride on ocean litter

PUBLICATION INFORMATION Russell Thomas, The Guardian There is now so much ocean plastic that it …


Webinar: Multiple Benefits of SuDS: Water Quality – Part 1

We all depend on access to clean water for our survival, wellbeing, and daily activities. …

Traffic Area

Critical review of heavy metal pollution of traffic area runoff: Occurrence, influencing factors, and partitioning

AUTHORS Maximilian Huber, Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering, Technical University of Munich, Am Coulombwall …

Roads in Australia

Stormwater Management: Calculation of Traffic Area Runoff Loads and Traffic Related Emissions

AUTHORS Maximilian Huber, Brigitte Helmreich ABSTRACT Metals such as antimony, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, nickel, …


Primary Microplastics in the Oceans: a Global Evaluation of Sources

AUTHORS Julien Boucher, Damien Friot ABSTRACT Plastic has penetrated everyday life: from clothing to coatings …


Microplastic pollution in a stormwater floating treatment wetland: Detection of tyre particles in sediment

AUTHORS Shima Ziajahromi, School of Environment and Science, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University Darren Drapper, Drapper Environmental …

Plastic on the ocean floor

Environmentally relevant concentrations of polyethylene microplastics negatively impact the survival, growth and emergence of sediment-dwelling invertebrates

AUTHORS Shima Ziajahromi, Australian Rivers Institute and School of Environment and Science, Griffith University Anupama Kumar, Commonwealth …

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