Our Zero Pollution Ambassadors

Andy Hornbuckle (AU)

SPEL Stormwater

Andy Hornbuckle is the General Manager of SPEL Stormwater - an Asia Pacific manufacturer and importer of a variety of internationally-proven stormwater treatment systems. Stormwater Shepherds is Andy’s brainchild. In his role at SPEL he has first hand over many years seen the urban catchment pollution at the source, entering the stormdrains and making its way to our oceans and beaches via our creeks and wetlands, lakes and rivers. Andy has founded Stormwater Shepherds in a concerted effort to educate the public and raise awareness in the catchments at the pollution source.

Andy has led SPEL Stormwater through a journey of innovation and revitalisation, starting from the Stormceptor and Puraceptor systems for capture and removal of hydrocarbons, through to ecological systems including Modular Bioretention and Floating Wetland systems. Andy has a passion for Stormwater and Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Andy has initiated a series of field research and evaluation projects on SPEL Stormwater products with a view to benefiting the industry and environment with scientific data that is rigorous, transparent and independent.


Jo Bradley (UK)

Stormwater Shepherds

Jo Bradley has worked on many aspects of water management during her 30-year career in the UK. She has worked in a clean-water laboratory, been a Trade Effluent Officer, overseen Drought Plan development and taken endless sewage samples. But her passion lies in pollution prevention & control and she was lead author on some of the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidance notes, which were widely respected and applied. She focussed on topics including oil/water separator design & application, private sewage treatment systems and retail petrol filling stations.

But in the last decade, Jo’s attention has been on pollution from urban surfaces and roads. She managed a joint Environment Agency/Highways Agency project to prioritise the highway outfalls on the Strategic Road Network in terms of their pollution risk, and she has worked with design engineers to create effective treatment schemes for some of those priority outfalls. Jo is also determined to see good SuDS used extensively across England, with similar success to that in Scotland and Wales and she firmly believes that if they are designed properly, SuDS can be applied on every development.

Jo was delighted to join Stormwater Shepherds in September 2020 and she is intent on driving pollution control forward in the UK, faster than it has gone before, so that we can achieve zero-pollution in her lifetime and protect rivers & oceans and all the creatures that live within them.


Jude Munro AO (AU)

Jude Munro & Associates

Jude founded Jude Munro and Associates in 2010 and is passionate about cities and regions, achieving their full potential and operational efficiency, with a strong commitment to supporting the public sector and local democracy. She has supported the Lockyer Valley, Darwin, ACT Government, Southern Tasmanian Councils, Whittlesea, Playford, SEQ Regional Councils, Logan, Geelong, Mackay and the Sunshine Coast Councils as well as Wellington and Hamilton Councils in New Zealand. Jude was Brisbane City Council CEO (2000-2010), overseeing the $2+ billion CLEM7 tunnel, record growth in bus patronage and directed the centre-led strategic procurement initiative, which resulted in $89 million savings. Jude instituted asset management and project management reforms and led significant organisational cultural change. Jude has also acted as the CEO for the Cities of Moreland and St Kilda, in Victoria and the City of Adelaide.

Jude is a national Fellow of the Australian Institute of Public Administration and was State President for 4 years, Chairperson of Queensland Urban Utilities, Director of Air Services Australia, Translink Transit Authority, Brisbane Institute, Australia Trade Coast, City of Brisbane Investment Corporation, International River Foundation, Brisbane Riverfestival, Adelaide City Marketing, Adelaide Convention and Tourism Authority, the 7th Australian Masters Games Board and the National Local Government Drugs and Alcohol Committee and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Andy Reese (US)

Andy Reese LLC

Andy Reese is currently a consultant in stormwater management headquartered in Nashville, TN in the United States. He is one of the most widely experienced stormwater funding and technical experts in the world having worked continuously in that area since 1979. He has worked on stormwater funding and program development in over one hundred local councils and higher-level governments in all fifty states and several countries and has developed some of the largest, most complex and innovative stormwater programs in the United States. He has made several trips to Australia speaking across the continent on the use of user fees in stormwater funding.

His clients have included Federal agencies, states, numerous municipalities and private sector industrial and development interest. He also has co-authored an authoritative and best-selling, 1400 page, textbook: Municipal Storm Water Management, now in its second edition. He also taught hydrology at Vanderbilt University and conducted a large number of seminars and webinars.

Mr. Reese is known as a humorous and insightful speaker having delivered speeches and training at over 200 conferences and meetings including the keynote address for the first annual STORMCON and WEFTEC Stormwater conference and the 2018 national stormwater conference in Australia.


Jim Elder

Life Flight Rescue

Current LifeFlight Australia Deputy Chairman, the former Deputy Premier of Queensland, Hon. James (Jim) Elder has a long history of serving Queensland communities. Jim has served in a number of capacities at LifeFlight over the past 15 years and brings an abundance of government policy knowledge and experience. During more than 12 years of parliamentary service with the Queensland Government, Jim worked across portfolios in State Development and Trade, Transport, Health, Business, Industry and Regional Development, as well as Youth, Sport and Recreation.

As well as an integral knowledge of government policy, Jim specialises in business development and Government interaction with private sector initiatives. Through his career, Jim has created a solid record of business and project development achievements. Jim has also been instrumental in attracting a number of high profile businesses to Queensland. Jim is currently the Non-Executive Director for Centurion Group of Companies, Non-Executive Director of Infinite Water, a Director of APIED Ltd Australia, a Director of British Borneo Petroleum Australia, Chairman of the Enhance Group, as well as Chairman of LifeFlight Retrieval Medicine Limited and a Director of LifeFlight.


Victoria Kramkowski (CA)


Dr. Victoria Kramkowski is Government and Community Relations Specialist with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) where she advances TRCA’s strategic goals through engagement with governments, community groups and other organizations and stakeholders. Victoria is recognized as an expert in Canada on stormwater financing programs and through TRCA, she leads workshops for municipalities and consultants on developing and implementing stormwater user fee programs.

Victoria previously managed the City of Mississauga’s award-winning stormwater charge program, including associated outreach, credit and incentive programs and has worked with municipalities across Canada in the development of their stormwater charges. She has also worked in government, the private sector and academia on environmental policy, natural resources management, low impact development and scenario planning. Victoria has a PhD in Environmental Planning.


Andy Johnson (UK)

Patrick Parsons

Andy is a principal consultant in the Patrick Parsons Guildford office and has over 15 years engineering experience, specialising in drainage for over 10 years. Andy joined Parsons as a senior drainage engineer with responsibility for foul and surface water drainage design and maintenance of sewerage systems including full software modelling and technical details. In addition to detailed drainage design, Andy’s responsibilities have been increased to include flood risk assessments, drainage strategy reports, schematic pre-planning drainage schemes, advice and technical review of submitted flood risk assessments, obtaining code for homes credits to aid BREEAM assessments and assisting with the discharge of planning conditions related to drainage for developments.

In Andy’s role of Principal Engineer, he is responsible for the drainage engineering aspect of developments. He has designed and been responsible for numerous schemes, from single properties to link roads and housing estates for over 1000 properties, including schematic drainage design on a strategic level. As part of this, Andy has constant liaison with water authorities, local councils and the Environment Agency. Andy also acts as a consulting drainage officer for various councils. In this role, he undertakes reviews of current planning applications and approves them for flood risk and drainage. He has assisted planners with CPD sessions and creation of standard Planning conditions for drainage.


Paddy Hayes (UK)

SPEL Stormwater

Paddy is UK Sales Consultant for SPEL Products working on a wide range of stormwater projects across the UK as well as Europe, Middle East, and Africa for over 6 years. Engaging with top Engineering Companies, Contractors and End Clients as well as running CPD sessions has provided a wealth of experience in the industry and in Pollution Control. Projects include Hinckley Point, HS2, Dubai Metro, as well as various Data Centres, MOD facilities, and major infrastructure projects.

Being passionate about stormwater quality, Paddy is delighted to be involved in Stormwater Shepherds coming to the UK where he is sure that its pillars of ‘Action, Education and Lobbying’ will gain support and make a difference at all levels.


Jeremy Lamberton (AU)

SPEL Stormwater

Jeremy Lamberton is the Marketing Coordinator at SPEL Stormwater - an Asia Pacific manufacturer and importer of a variety of internationally-proven stormwater treatment systems. With a strong creative agency background in design, strategy and cause communications, Jeremy has tenure in marketing and operations roles across the Asia-Pacific region.

Jeremy has completed a Bachelor in Business, and is currently studying his Masters of Environmental Management and Sustainability at the University of Newcastle. He takes a special interest in river systems across Southeast Asia, water management solutions, basin planning, environmental conservation, cause politics and renewable energy.


Mircea Stancu (AU)

SPEL Stormwater

Mircea is passionate about using technical expertise to improve the quality of aquatic environments. His formal education spans the fields of Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Policy and Management. His career has focused on environmental stewardship and ensuring that we are preserving the beauty and biodiversity of life in all aquatic environments – creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans – for future generations.
For over 15 years Mircea has applied his skills to the cause of furthering water quality in places like the UK, Australia and The Pacific. He has made an impact mainly from a design and policy development perspective, informing developers, contractors and governments.
As a Stormwater Shepherds Ambassador Mircea will enjoy the opportunity to also make an impact in a physical way, removing pollution and improving the quality of water on site, connecting with nature and life in creeks and rivers.


André Magar (AU)

SPEL Stormwater

André originally comes from the energy sector, having completed a Bachelor/Honours in Petroleum Engineering, he worked in the energy field and developed a huge interest in the field of Environmental Management which he ended up changing careers for. André is very active in this space especially when it comes to ocean protection, he is extremely passionate about raising awareness within the community and striving to get all the different segments united with one common end goal of stopping ocean pollution. André is a board member of the Stormwater NSW committee as well as SPLASH. André is handling the Stormwater Shepherd events in NSW/ACT and is always enthusiastic about opportunities for valuable collaborations.


Steve Marshal & Dr David Sharley (AU)

Bio2Lab Environmental Intelligence

Bio2Lab is a leading environmental research consultancy and service provider based in Victoria, Australia. We work locally and nationally providing clients with innovative solutions to monitor and assess water and soil quality.
David is an environmental scientist with more than 15 years’ experience managing and delivering environmental projects within the water industry. He is a specialist in environmental assessment design, pollution risk management, urban ecology, and scientific investigation. David has considerable expertise and experience in urban landscape ecology and sediment and stormwater risk assessment, and has worked extensively with Local and State Governments, industry and in collaboration with other consulting firms. David provides advice in the areas of stormwater pollution risks, environmental contamination and waterway health. he is a strong advocate of stakeholder and community consultation processes and the role of education and awareness in maintaining a sustainable environmental for all to enjoy.

Steve has 15 years experience as an environmental scientist and project manager at Melbourne University. He specializes in measuring the ecological impact of pollution in both sediments and water, and has managed a wide range of research and consultancy projects in aquatic ecology. He specialises in developing innovative cost-effective monitoring devices that harness the power of the Internet of Things for logging and communication. He has worked extensively with local government developing tools to identify stormwater pollution. This approach has been successfully deployed in numerous collaborations with both Councils and the Environment Protection Authority Victoria to identify pollution hot-spots. Stephen has an on-going interest in emerging pollutants, pioneering innovative approaches for their identification and monitoring in urban environments.


Grainger Films (AU)

Grainger Films is a multi-award winning, independent production company founded by brothers Jefferson and Chris Grainger, with a focus on film production, branded content, advertising and corporate works. The Grainger Team have vast experience in the film industry, including production of award-winning commercial and independent projects, and working with some of the most prestigious companies in Australia and internationally. Grainger are passionate about creating content that makes a connection, starts conversations and inspires audiences.


Jacob Anderson (NZ)

Davis Ogilvie & Partners Ltd

Jacob is a civil engineer for the Christchurch (New Zealand) office of Davis Ogilvie & Partners Ltd. In this role he predominantly designs stormwater networks for residential, commercial and industrial land development projects.

Jacob is a strong advocate for designing stormwater networks which are both practical and environmentally friendly, and frequently includes permeable pavements, swales, bio-retention basins, water harvesting chambers and underground attenuation storage tanks. Another key component of Jacob's role is producing flood risk assessments. This includes identifying flood risks to a given site, assessing the future impact of climate change on the flood risk, and identifying how the proposed development will mitigate these risks.

With a strong passion for the outdoors and a desire to better the natural environment, Jacob is delighted to be an Ambassador of Stormwater Shepherds.