About Us

Stormwater Shepherds is an international not-for-profit committed to restoring health to our waterways.

With plastic and urban pollution the largest killer of aquatic wildlife, our planet is in jeopardy. We must find solutions to remove pollution and alternatives to our growing consumption of single-use plastic.

The Stormwater Shepherd’s approach is one of Positive Action, Education and Advocacy.

Our Story

On opposite sides of the world, two patriarchs Stephen Hales (AUS) and Paul Pocock (UK) individually and unknowingly took charge to help clean local watercourses from industrial pollution. United through SPEL, the Hales family and Pocock family are now investing in Stormwater Shepherds – the inspiration and passion of SPEL’s General Manager Andy Hornbuckle, for a future where clean water will transpire across our planet.

Decades later, Stormwater Shepherds is reigniting the charge to help stop plastic and urban pollution at the source.

Our Vision is for the world’s waters to be clean water, free of plastic and urban pollution

The most effective way to reduce the harmful effects of stormwater pollution is to prevent it from entering our waterways. This is a combination approach targeting education, knowledge sharing and improved stormwater infrastructure.

Our focus is to stop the plastic and urban pollution at the source through

  • Positive Action – helping restore inland waterway environments
  • Education – providing a deeper awareness of the importance of stormwater networks and the impacts of plastic and urban pollution on all lifeforms
  • Advocacy – for long-term sustainable approaches to successfully managing plastic pollution
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We believe in the value of connection, communication and collaboration to influence and guide how we can help protect life in our world’s watercourses, whether human or animal.

Togetherness is strength.




We will look out for each other, and be kind; and through connection, we will build lasting relationships in a nurturing and encouraging environment. We are ambassadors to our vision, and we understand the importance of our positions and the responsibility it brings to impassion our audiences.


We remain loyal and strong to our mission. We act with honesty and transparency in all our dealings. Building trust and respect through communication lies at the core of our values.

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We are committed to delivering impactful innovation. By thinking big, we will foster, develop and collaborate practical solutions-based-thinking to support the challenges connected to single-use plastics and other pollutants.


We care deeply for our planet and will act only in its best interest. We will do as much good as we can through our devotion to the well-being of all lifeforms.

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